I've always had an interest in photography, right from an early age I recall using a variety of cameras, mostly borrowed. Everything from box brownies, polaroids, rangefinders to home made pinhole cameras and disposables.

Relatively recently my passion for photography has been rekindled, brought about largely when I stumbled upon the home of street photography “iN-PUBLiC”. The imagery here gripped my imagination and inspired me down this avenue of photography.

The pictures I take are grabbed during my spare time, if there is one thing I’ve learned it is to always have a camera with me, even if it’s a cheap point and shoot so I'm always prepared to capture those fleeting moments.

As far as equipment is concerned I currently use a Pentax K20D DSLR with a fixed focal length lens, da21mm (32mm equivalent). This is a relatively large camera so I tend to use this if I go out for the occasional day trip with street style photography in mind.

For everyday use I always carry an Olympus XA2 in my pocket loaded with Ilford HP5, I develop my own film which is great fun and also just a little nostalgic!

For anyone interested in taking up this style of photography I highly recommend a visit to "iN-PUBLiC" (www.in-public.com) which will be sure to get the juices running.

Another great resource is the photo sharing site “flickr” (www.flickr.com) where like minded photogs make contacts, share photos and experiences.

Happy shooting!


Gary Jarvis